The goal was to optimise the process of dispatching goods and loading to trucks by implementing systems for automatic identification of goods, persons and vehicles in the shipping warehouse. The goal was also to increase security by implementing security systems on entrances, logistic locks, parking lots and in storage areas against unauthorized access.


In cooperation with Vemco company, we have implemented automatic identification systems for people, i.e. employees, drivers and guests, as well as vehicles, including cars, vans and trailers. Major part of the task was to implement verification of the movement of logistic boxes during loading. Thanks to RFID systems, we have enabled real-time insight into information about location of people and vehicles in a particular zone and the employees accessing the warehouse. We have implemented a smooth integration of access control and RFID systems with existing client systems, including high-bay storage automation.

The client also decided to carry out a pilot implementation of a system verifying delivery of logistic boxes in two stores in Poland.


Increase operational efficiency in the management of the logistics process by providing real-time data on the loading process and detailed information about driver, vehicle and commodity. Maximum automation and self-service of the logistic processes carried out within the warehouse. The solution has reduced costs, as there is no need to supervise directly drivers’ work. System provides time savings due to instant information about load completion.