STS Fryderyk Chopin needs no introduction. We are conducting tests of the ISS Yachts intelligent inventory system on the second largest Polish sailing ship. On June 30th our team came on board and checked the possibility of implementing a solution that will control the presence and condition of goods in the hold.

In each project, we want to best adapt the installation to the customer’s needs. The purpose of the tests, which will last for several weeks, is therefore to get to know the specificity of the unit, check different scenarios in real conditions and select appropriate RFID tags.

The originator of ISS Yachts is the president of ISS RFID, Adam Silny. „Sailing is my passion. Tedious hours spent waiting for the check-in or check-out of charter yachts made me realize that you can help yacht owners and people like me, who rent them, save time and nerves. I immediately thought that intelligent inventory systems, based on RFID technology, which our team installs in warehouses, could also work well on water, „he explains.

We hope that the STS Fryderyk Chopin crew will soon join the group of satisfied ISS Yachts users.