Please join us October 4, 2019 10:00 on our webinar, where you will learn how RFID technology translates into tangible improvements in companies. Jakub Kownacki, technical director at ISS RFID will talk about how implemented systems in a short time bring results in the form of savings, optimisation or improvement of safety in companies.

He will also answer the following questions:
– In what areas of business can you get significant annual savings?
– How to improve management of trading facility thanks to efficient commodity management and accurate inventory?
– How do RFID systems help to effectively control the supply chain in logistics and transport, also in real time?

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Jakub Kownacki, technical director of ISS RFID is responsible for the development of products and services, introducing innovations and technical supervision of implementation. Together with the Gdańsk University of Technology, he developed the Tamper Evidence RFID seal, a world-wide innovation, which was presented at the RFID Journal Live in Phoenix USA in 2017. Graduate of the Faculty of Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics of the Gdańsk University of Technology.