Recommendation of ISS Yacht by Katarina Vujević Babara, CEO of Euronautic Ltd.

Thanks to the excellent cooperation with the Euronautic team, ISS Yachts has been upgraded and fine-tuned on a Bavaria 38 yacht, where 104 various items were marked. For the Croatian company, this is the end of the tedious, manual inventory, and the process, which so far lasted more than 30 minutes, has been shortened to less than 2 minutes.

ISS Yachts – Quick RFID scanning of yacht equipment

See the outstanding performance of RFID technology. You are able to check the  presence of so many items on your yacht, in just a few seconds! ISS Yachts is a real revolution in the yachting world and a giant boost for yacht charter companies.

ISS Yachts – One box to upgrade your yacht charter business

This mysterious black box contains everything you need to upgrade your yacht charter business. Michael Ginter shows what ISS Yachts – the Inventory Smart System for Yachts consist of. This powerful tool can save up to 30 minutes at the check-in and check-out of each of your yachts.

ISS Yachts – save time and money with RFID

See the hi-tech solution known from banking or supply chain industries that will be a gamechanger for your yacht charter business. You know RFID from contactless payments, and now we adopted it for yachting. Michael Ginter shows how this is possible.

ISS Yachts – full inventory of a yacht in 2 minutes

You can check the presence of all the yacht equipment in less than 2 minutes. Here you can see how it is done.