Space3ac Acceleration Program

Space3ac is an acceleration program that combines the needs of large companies with technological startups. Space technology accelerator supports the development of projects of the lower segment of the space sector (called downstream) using data from Earth observation, telecommunications and satellite navigation.

As part of the program we developed a solution for verifying and controlling the movement of goods in the newly built central warehouse of the company x-kom. In the project we used dual system, which is a combination of anti-theft and RFID systems.

INNOship project POIR 2014-2020

Intelligent Development Operational Programme (POIR) is the European Union’s largest research and innovation development programme implemented by the National Centre for Research and Development. The INNOship programme was aimed at companies, consortia of enterprises as well as scientific and industrial consortia. Resources were dedicated to industrial research and/or experimental development, which could be complemented by pre-implementation work.

Within the framework of the programme, we implement a research and development project to develop an innovative security system using RFID technology, which enables reading data from RFID tags and mechanical protections in marine conditions. The aim of our project is to improve the safety of individuals, streamline the inventory of equipment in the aquatic environment and inspect maritime vessel equipment.

Our solution is dedicated to floating vessels and shipyards. The system supports both active and passive solutions. Specifically designed mechanical protection for tags immunes them to weather conditions, damage and unauthorised tampering.

Interizon – Pomeranian ICT Cluster

We are a participant in the Pomeranian cluster of ICT (Information and Communications Technology), which integrates business and scientific partners in joint activities with the support of regional authorities and business environment and in cooperation with other global ICT partners.

The cluster creates favourable conditions for the development of enterprises in the region by providing knowledge, fostering innovation, stimulating cooperation between companies and institutions and pursuing common objectives of cluster participants.

Strategic objectives include the development of innovative products and services in interdisciplinary projects, the creation of new business opportunities, increased competitiveness at national and international level and access to skilled human resources.